Because Kids Serve Too!
Camp C.O.P.E. was designed to help our countries youngest heroes cope with the effects of war. At Camp C.O.P.E. we believe that kids serve too!

Our Story

In 2003 wife, mother and therapist Elizabeth Reep was faced with a challenge. Her husband Tracy, who was a full time HR recruiter and an Army National Guardsman, was called for deployment to Iraq. While Elizabeth was not prepared for her husband’s departure to the front lines she was even less prepared for how much her sons were impacted by their father’s sudden absence from their lives. Elizabeth began to talk to other families of deployed service personnel and quickly realized that there were similarities in their children including; fear, uncertainty and loss. Calling upon her friend and fellow therapist, Sarah Bravo, Camp C.O.P.E was created.

Camp C.O.P.E. provides military families with an unforgettable weekend away at camp. Camp C.O.P.E. gives these children hope and patience and courage. Camp C.O.P.E  lets them be just kids- again! Through therapeutic interventions, certified therapists teach children of military families how to cope with their changed world due to deployment, injury or loss of a family member as a result of their service in our country’s military. Camp C.O.P.E. provides camps across the country free of charge to children and families of military personnel. This is done through generous donations and grants from individuals and our corporate partners. Camp C.O.P.E was established in 2004 and is classified as a non-profit 501c (3) organization.

Tracy Reep was seriously injured in Iraq in an attack by insurgents in late 2003 and returned home to his family seven months later. Tracy was honored with a Purple Heart by the United States for his brave service. Tracy and his family proudly volunteer at Camp C.O.P.E each year.

Our Mission

  • Help the children of service members cope with the transitions they are facing in response to the deployment, injury or loss of a family member serving in the U.S. military.
  • Provide age-appropriate quality counseling in small groups of peers, who have had similar experiences to help give them the tools to cope with the daily stresses they face.
  • Allow children to tell their story and help put a voice to their feelings and concerns, while providing new ways to handle their changing environment and home life.
  • Support parents impacted by deployment, injury or loss by providing information on how to help their children at home and in school.
  • Camp C.O.P.E. – Courage – Optimism-Patience-Encouragement